Unlike The Flu, You Totes Should Share This With Your Friends

Unlike The Flu, You Totes Should Share This With Your Friends

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Breaking Up With Myself - It's Not You, It Is Me

November 06, 20234 min read

When Life Hands You The Scissors & Makes You Cut The Familiar Cord. About Change, Being Ballsy & No-grains-allowed Policy.

I'm doing the unthinkable.

I'm cheating on a significant love of my life.

Heck, I'm not just cheating on it - I'm leaving it for good.

There'll be no more breads I adore.

No more tiramisu I'm openly addicted to.

No more freshly squeezed orange juice which my regular purchases were singlehandedly ensuring the financial stability of my local Booths stores.

I've decided to overhaul my diet and go for a Paleo type of living - which means a permanent ban on grains, starches and sugar.

You might be wondering what brought on such a radical move.

If my emails were gracing your inbox back in August 2023 you might have remembered that I had a certain puss-filled vomit bomb going off in my life around that time.

You see, I was pregnant.

And then... I wasn't anymore.

I was told that blighted ovum - which is a really shitty and not self-explanatory name for a type of miscarriage if you ask me - is very common and there was nothing we could have done.

But I disagree.

Sure, we couldn't have done anything different from the conception onwards, but, and it's a big BUT, we could have done more before.

I exercise plenty. I get out into fresh air daily. I don't accept a lot of stress in my life. I don't work that much. I'm healthy enough, but since I'm no spring chicken and I dream of two more kids - healthy enough isn't enough.

I knew for years that I'll have to change my diet at some point. For years I have read books on the topic and watched people I know go through huge transformations on Paleo and carnivore diets, but I was too attached to my way of life, to my sweet tooth and it's addictions.

I didn't want to change as desperately as I was holding on to my old diet.

You are also holding on to something in your life too.

But change?

You already know you should. But you might not feel yet that you would.

Nobody wants to change! And why the hell would you!?

If your current recipe for..... 👈(insert any domain of life here such as business, relationships, parenting or even, the never-ending jojo-ing between intermittent fasting and permanent stuffing your face with every tiramisu within 79 mile radius) gets you some pathetic scrap of a result - you just won't change.

Change is uncomfortable.

What you're chucking out of the window is your faithful pair of faded, stretched and worn out yoga leggings for a new pair of jeans that is still rubbing your love handles, making you breath in to zip them up and fasten the damn button and pray to all things Godly that they'll give in a tad.

Were these yoga leggings making you feel like million dollars?

Probably not, let's not beat around the bush here... But they were the epiphany of comfort and that's good enough.

To get these jeans to that stage would take weeks or even months.

That literally translates into weeks or months of DISCOMFORT.

That's why nobody wants to change.

People only change when the pain of staying where they are is higher than the discomfort of the change.

When the time comes when your pain over an aspect of your life or business starts to equal or outweigh the discomfort of change - don't wait. Jump in the deep end. Rip off the plaster. Break things quickly and fix them if needed.

And you know what?

That moment, when you decide to change, that's not weakness.

That's bravery in its purest form.

It's a declaration saying "I deserve better, and I'll work for it."

It's choosing a temporary struggle of discomfort for a permanent solution.

So, here's to you – yes, you, the one reading this and recognising a sliver of yourself here.

You, who've felt the itch for change but haven't yet found the courage to leap.

You're standing at the precipice of transformation, and that's a powerful place to be.

Maybe your precipice isn't a diet; perhaps it's a job, a relationship, a lifestyle, or a deep-seated belief about yourself.

Here's to discomfort.

Here's to the scary, gut-wrenching leap into the unknown.

Here's to choosing ourselves, every single day, in every single decision we make.

Because at the end of the day, the love handles may or may not fit right away into those new jeans, but the soul? The soul will finally breathe freely, unencumbered by the 'what-ifs' and 'if-onlys.'

So, dare to take that step. Dare to embrace the discomfort. Dare to change.

Not because it's easy, but because you, your dreams, and the life you envision are worth more than what's easy. They're worth every ounce of effort, every moment of doubt, and every step on this beautifully chaotic journey.

Here's to the brave ones, the changemakers, the dreamers.

Here's to you.

And the change you'll take on next.

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