Unlike The Flu, You Totes Should Share This With Your Friends

Unlike The Flu, You Totes Should Share This With Your Friends

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Are you suffering from the Shiny 6-Figure-Business-Syndrome?

March 13, 20233 min read

We suck at getting dragged into the shiny 6-figure-business-syndrome.

Or 7 or maybe even 8-figure. Let’s stick to 6-figures for the ease of it.

What is a 6-figure-business-syndrome?

It’s the automatic assumption that reaching it would finally kick in your internal thermostat of success.

It’s the immediate ping of guilt or maybe even shame if you haven’t got there yet.

It’s the mental lifting of any business owner achieving it onto a pedestal.

I would bet the Earth’s last ever bowl of tiramisu that the above either still happens or used to happen to you.

Have you noticed the explosion of entrepreneurs making 6-figure years in recent years? Do you know what else is missing from 99.98% of these claims?


6-figure WHAT… Revenue? Turnover? Profit? Money in the bank? Or maybe credit card limits?

When we talk numbers — details make all the difference.

And nobody talks about the details.

In my property businesses I reached 6-figure revenue in the first year of running them.

Go me…

The details missing from this success story are as follows:

  • my profit was a sad, desolate column on a spreadsheet with tumbleweeds blowing through and spider webs hanging of it,

  • I frequently worked 10–12 hour days — because I was a busy entrepreneur, too cool to actually have a life…

  • The only money I got back from these businesses in that year was a partial repayment of the director’s loans.

I only started paying myself a salary the year after — and it wasn’t a salary worth bragging about.

None of it felt like success.

Even when I reached that elusive 6-figure threshold — NOTHING has changed.

I still had the same love handles spilling out of my jeans, the same internal gremlins were taunting me incessantly and my mum was still asking me occasionally when I was going to get a “proper job”.

Today, that business is an asset which allows me to live a life I have and adore, so it was all worth it.

But I hope you can see how easy it would be to hide all of these inconvenient little deets and focus on the shiny 6-figures, on how awesome I was.

This is not to bash people who you look up to and who use figures in their marketing.

This is a mere reminder that there’s an equivalent of 3 season long soap opera story behind these figures and without it, it’s nearly impossible to judge whether what this person achieved is something you should be aspiring to.

If you’re brutally honest with yourself — how often do you let money be the thermostat of your success?

It would be hard for me to ever catch you saying you started your business to make 6-figures — I imagine you would say you started because you had a passion for XYZ and you wanted to create a lifestyle you dream of.

Why not make that lifestyle a thermostat of your success?

Why not make the lives you changed a thermostat of your success?

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